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Posts tagged Tutorials


→ The In Depth CSS Series

A really nice series introducing CSS; the perfect place to start for anyone looking to learn CSS. (look for links to the rest of the series posts at the end of the article)


→ Grid Accordion with jQuery

Grid Accordian

This tutorial from CSS-Tricks takes you through the steps to building your very own grid accordion: “The Grid Accordion works with the same theory as most other accordions. Only one cell is open at a time. The big thing is that the column of the current open cell expands to a reasonable reading width.” Check out the demo here, and then check out the article to learn this method for yourself!

→ A Crash Course in Creating E-Commerce Websites with WordPress

I’m in love with WordPress. This extremely helpful article by 1st Webdesigner takes you through the beginning steps involved in creating an e-commerce site using WordPress and the WP e-Commerce plugin. 


→ Designing for WordPress

This series from CSS-TRICKS is the most complete (free) tutorial I’ve found online for setting up and customizing a WordPress theme. If you are interested in learning WordPress, this is an perfect place to start!


→ Tumblr: An Introduction Guide For Microblogging – Part 1

Tumblr is set to become the blogging tool of 2010 with its massive growth, yet still many people don’t fully understand what Tumblr does, or how it works. If you’ve ever tried to start a blog, but found yourself struggling to find the time, Tumblr is something you’re definitely going to want to take a look at.